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Our solution strengthens the gold industry’s supply chain. By tracking transfer of custody, gold provenance and other data on the Responsible Gold blockchain, we offer a system that is immutable, irrefutable and auditable. We bring global participants together in one ecosystem, providing greater access to, and uses for, gold.

Supply Chain

How Does It Work?

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Our technology begins tracking gold assets at the mine site. We provide miners with “cryptoseals” – tamper proof seals that contain RFID chips.

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Miners attach the cryptoseals to doré bars when they prepare shipments.

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When doré bars are ready for shipment miners transfer custody of the bars by scaning the cryptoseals with our mobile application.

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Logistics providers repeat the process to accept custody of the doré bars as well as to transfer custody to refiners on delivery.

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Refiners repeat the process to accept the doré bars. The gold is refined in a dedicated process and cast into kilobars. Refiners use the application to select and transfer custody to a vault.

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Gold kilobars are now ready for trade and investment as G-Coin tokens or to be used in making jewelry, manufacturing or other uses.

We are dedicated to ethical finance


We have developed compliance criteria for Responsible Gold ecosystem participants based on international gold organization standards.

These standards define Responsible Gold and the key risks that must be managed to ensure that the gold in the ecosystem is conflict-free. Emergent is documenting additional standards to help ensure the sourcing of gold:

  • does not cause or contribute to infringements of internationally-recognized human rights
  • does not enable money laundering
  • does not enable terrorist financing
  • does not contribute to unacceptable health, safety and labor conditions for miners and refinery workers
  • minimizes the impact of gold mining and refinement on the natural environment

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