A Gold Ecosystem

From mine, to refiner, to vault, to payments, we are using blockchain technology to automate and digitize every step in the gold supply chain.
The Future of Gold is Here

Demand for conflict-free gold is increasing across the globe. Jewelers, manufacturers and investors want assurance that gold is responsibly sourced.

Our platform is the first of its kind.

It brings miners, refiners, logistics providers, banks, vaults, wholesalers, retailers and end consumers into one gold ecosystem.

Gold has always been a go-to asset; over $20bn trades in London daily. By digitizing gold, Emergent is driving its liquidity and making gold easier to access and use.

We are creating new applications, markets and uses for this prized and trusted asset.

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Leading Technology

A permissioned blockchain network. Based on Ethereum technology and built to global financial standards with robust KYC and AML procedures.

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Connecting the Industry

A connected record between miners, refiners, logistics providers, vaults, wholesalers and retailers that assures buyers of provenance and purity.

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Digital Gold

Send, spend or invest using G-Coin tokens, a digital title of ownership of conflict-free gold.

Absolute Assurance

Rapid and straightforward verification that physical gold kilobars are from where and what they claim to be.

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Supply Chain Automation

Using blockchain to track provenance and custody of gold along the supply chain – from mine, to refinery, to vault.

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Stable and Liquid

Exotic currencies are only as good as the issuer. G-Coin tokens serve as a fully reserved trade currency. They are more stable and liquid than non-G7 fiat currencies.

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