Send, Spend, Trade and Invest in Gold

Introducing G-Coin tokens – backed one to one by responsibly sourced gold.

International payment rails are dated and inefficient. Fees are high, transactions can take days and transparency is poor.

G-Coin – the solution.

G-Coin tokens are a stable cross-border trade currency with zero transaction fees and real-time settlement.

G Coin Solution

Fast, Low Cost

Make real-time domestic and cross-border payments with zero transaction fees.


Reduce exposure to price volatility. G-Coin tokens are backed by physical gold. One G-Coin token equals one gram of responsibly sourced gold.

G Coin 3 (40×40)

Digital Ownership

A digital title of gold. Redeem G-Coin tokens for the physical gold at any time.

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A blockchain data network that uses state of the art security and robust KYC and AML compliance procedures.


Robust blockchain technology that assures the highest level of trust and end-to-end visibility.

Ethical Investment

Invest ethically with confidence in the provenance and purity of gold. G-Coin tokens open access to conflict-free gold as an investment.

New uses of gold in commerce and trade


G-Coin tokens generate new markets and new uses for liquid, conflict-free gold. We have developed an ecosystem of applications powered by the G-Coin platform. Businesses and consumers access secure digital wallets to buy, sell, spend and invest using G-Coin tokens.

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