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Why have gold in your portfolio?

It’s good to have a portion of your portfolio as a hedge against a stock market correction. It can contribute to a solid investment portfolio, especially when:

  • There is fear of recession;
  • The U.S. dollar weakens;
  • Stock prices are volatile;
  • Emerging markets fall; and
  • There is geo-political tension.

There are some risks associated with gold. See more information on the User Agreement. We do not provide tax, investment, or legal advice or advisory services.

What are the benefits of gold ownership?

  • Because gold prices often do not trade in the same direction as the stock market, some compare buying gold to buying insurance. You may not need it, but it can be good to have at certain times.
  • This diversification means that in normal markets gold prices have low correlation to most asset classes and in times of stress, such as during “tail events” and financial crises, gold prices’ correlation is often negative.
  • Gold can protect against the wealth decay of inflation and currency devaluation.
  • There is no credit risk associated with owning physical gold.
  • The drivers behind gold supply and demand are largely independent of, and sometimes opposed to other traditional reserve assets (like currencies, securities, and bonds), making physical gold an effective diversifier for investment portfolios.
  • Discovery rates for gold are declining.

What is a G-Coin token?

A G-Coin token is a digital title of ownership to one gram of a Responsible Gold kilobar stored in a licensed vault. Holders can physically redeem the tokens down to one gram. G-Coin tokens can be sent, spent, gifted or purchased as an investment through the G-Coin wallet. For regulatory purposes, G-Coin’s definition means that is neither a commodity interest or a security.

What is XGC?

XGC is the ticker symbol for G-Coin.

What is Responsible GoldTM?

Responsible Gold is institutional grade 99.99% pure gold that has been responsibly sourced. Responsible Gold can be traced back to its origin giving the owner or G-Coin token holder knowledge that it has been responsibly mined and sourced throughout the supply chain.

What is XRG?

XRG is the ticker symbol for Responsible Gold.

I live outside the United States. Can I open a G-Coin wallet?

No. We are working hard to bring G-Coin to you. Currently, G-Coin is only available in the following states of the United States: Alaska, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and DC.

How and where can I buy G-Coin?

G-Coin can be purchased in the ‘Buy’ section of your G-Coin wallet. One G-Coin is divisible to 8 decimal places. The minimum purchase amount is 0.25 XGC.

How do I set up my G-Coin wallet?

Once you have downloaded the app from the Apple or Android store you will be prompted to register for your G-Coin account. You will need to have ID documents with you to complete the process. The process is automated and takes a few minutes to complete.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently, United States customers can pay via ACH from U.S. banks. We are working to add additional payment methods.

How much gold do I have to purchase at a time?

It is entirely up to you. The minimum purchase amount is 0.25XGC. High value transactions may require additional due diligence information.

How soon after I purchase G-Coins can I use them?

G-Coin can be used for wallet-to-wallet transfers immediately after they have been added to your wallet.

Can I cancel my purchase after it has been made?

If your order is still pending payment processing and G-Coin has not been transferred to your account yet, please call Customer Service at  1-877-959-7027 to ask about canceling the transaction. Cancellation requests are reviewed on case-by-case basis.

How do I get a G-Coin debit card?

If G-Coin Debit Cards are offered in your country, you will see an option to apply for the card in the G-Coin wallet dashboard. You can also navigate to the application form from the options menu. You will need to accept the G-Coin Debit Card Terms and Conditions and confirm your address in order to apply for the card.

I want to send G-Coin to a friend. Do they need a G-Coin account?

Yes, your friend will need to have a G-Coin account and wallet address.

What forms of identification are required to set up my G-Coin wallet?

A valid government issued photo ID is required to setup your wallet. In the United States, you will need to provide a Driver’s License or State ID. If you do not have these forms of identification we can also accept U.S. or a foreign passport. Please contact our customer service before you set up your wallet if you do not see an option available for your ID document.

How do I upload my identification documents?

Documents can be uploaded during the registration process. Please follow the on screen instructions. If you experience any issue, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

How can I be sure my information is kept private?

We take customer security extremely seriously. All information is encrypted. Personal details are only used for verification and not stored within the wallet. We have partnered with industry leaders for data verification. Please review our Privacy Policy for more details.

Can I change my email address?

Please contact Customer Service to request a change. In some cases, you may be asked to verify your access to the email address or phone number you are trying to update.

What are the password requirements for a G-Coin wallet?

Current requirements for password are:

  • 12 characters long
  • At least one upper case character
  • At least one lowercase character
  • At least one number
  • At least one special character

These requirements may be updated to improve security.

I can’t remember my password. What should I do?

Please use the password recovery function (click “forgot password” on login screen). You will be asked to verify your phone during this process.

I moved to another country/state. How do I update it in your system?

You can request to change your personal details at any time. Please contact our customer service team to update your address. You may be asked to provide supporting documentation.

How do I close my account?

Your account can be closed at your request. Please contact our customer services team . Given nature of blockchain technology, the wallet address will remain on blockchain, however no personal details can be viewed there.

I have lost access to my email address provided. What should I do?

Please get in touch with our customer service team as soon as possible. If you are still able to login to your G-Coin wallet, we will help you update your email address. If you are unable to login, you may be asked to undergo a verification process with a trusted independent third party to confirm your identity. In this case, the certification of a third party is required to restore access as we do not have access to customer account credentials and it is impossible to restore without multiple trusted parties signing for such action.

My account was hacked. What do I do now?

Please contact us immediately at 1-877-959-7027 or email us on . We will suspend your account and investigate the matter. Customer security is our first priority at all times.

Why is there a countdown when I purchase G-Coin tokens?

There is a two-minute countdown when you purchase G-Coin tokens in order to deliver the real-time market price.

If you’re pricing in real-time, what happens to orders placed after the market closes?

The G-Coin market does not close and pricing is available 24/7.

Are there any hidden fees?

At G-Coin, we want to make sure all users are aware of any fees involved. G-Coin is title ownership to gold held in a licensed vault. These vaults charge a fee to store and insure gold and G-Coin passes on this fee to G-Coin holders. A storage fee of 0.2% per year is charged on the value of G-Coin held in an account holder’s wallet. Each day the fee is accrued. The value is calculated daily at midnight and divided by 365 (the number of days per year). If no transactions are made on the account, the accrued fees are charged in arrears and withdrawn from the account’s G-Coin balance on the 1st day of each month. If a sell transaction or transfer occurs on an account and has settled before the storage fee is calculated, the transaction amount will not be taken into account in the accrued storage fee.
First day of the month: User buys $1,000 worth of G-Coin (XGC)
Second day of the month: (1,000 * 0.002) / 365 = $0.005479
Total on the last day of the month (30 days later): $0.16
Monthly storage fee = $0.16

What options do I have to redeem my G-Coins for physical gold? Is there a cost?

G-Coin is redeemable for physical gold that has full provenance and custody records. There is no additional cost for the redemption of a kilobar (1,000 grams) however if redemption is required in smaller denominations, then 10 gram bars will be available at a manufacturing cost of 5%. In all cases shipping charges will be at the cost of the redeemer. You can request the physical redemption of your G-Coins from your G-Coin wallet. In the U.S., we can ship only to the specific states we are permitted to sell G-Coin in: Alaska, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and DC.

Where is my gold and how do I know it is secure?

Emergent Technology has partnered with some of the world’s leading vaulting companies, and we continue to carefully research further storage jurisdictions and prospective partners. At a minimum, vaults used by Emergent Technology must be Class 3 or insured by Lloyds of London, or both. Emergent Technology visits prospective vaults and interviews management to assess their approach to securing gold. The vault must conduct ongoing internal audits and provide a satisfactory certificate from an approved, licensed external auditor annually.

How can I be sure my gold is there?

G-Coin is Responsible Gold allocated and fully owned by you. G-Coin is full legal title to your physical metal. Your title of ownership is irrefutably recorded on the blockchain. You can access your balance at any time using your G-Coin wallet.

Who are your gold supply chain partners?

The gold production process involves miners, logistics providers, refiners and vaults. We partner with global gold supply chain leaders including, Yamana Gold, IAMGOLD, Valcambi, Brinks, G4S and Loomis. We have multiple partners in our ecosystem that ensure the ongoing production of Responsible Gold to meet client demand.

How do I know Responsible Gold has not been tampered with?

Emergent Technology supply chain partners adopt a combination of processes and controls for the production of Responsible Gold. Gold is tracked from mine, to refinery, to vault using the Responsible Gold Supply Chain Application (“RG SCA”). The RG SCA records ethical provenance and tracks the transfer of custody. Tracking commences as soon as a dore bar is cast at a mine site. Emergent Technology provides miners with unique cryptographic labels (or “crypotseals”). Cryptoseals are a cryptographic, blockchain-compatible, NFC-enabled, tamper-proof seals. It ensures that the gold bar is not tampered with as it moves through the supply chain.

How do I know that my gold is responsibly sourced?

  • Supply chain participants commit to adhere to Responsible Gold standards
  • Tagging processes provides irrefutable and immutable records
  • G-Coin owners can access provenance and custody records at any time

What are the Responsible Gold Standards and why are they important?

The Responsible Gold Standards use the current sourcing and production of Responsible Gold:

  • Does not contribute to human rights violations or unacceptable labor conditions
  • Does not contribute to money laundering or conflict financing
  • Minimizes impact on the environment

The Standards use the current industry best control practices implemented by mining, refining, and jewelry organizations, as well as the guidelines set out by the OECD.

What are the KYC requirements for a G-Coin wallet?

We are committed to making the onboarding process as seamless as possible, while still ensuring that we adhere to industry best practices to ensure we are best positioned to secure the ecosystem from illicit participants or activity. To that end, via our secure and industry leading app design, you can provide all the necessary information in the comfort of your own home. All that is needed is internet connectivity and a valid government issued photo ID.

Why do G-Coin customers have to undergo KYC to open a wallet?

Ensuring we know our customers is of paramount importance not only to secure their interests but to protect their identity and assets.

What are the KYC requirements for gold supply chain partners?

An extensive review of each supply chain participant is performed to ensure not only complete transparency but that the entity and relevant beneficial owners are not involved in any illicit activity as well as their adherence to social and environmental best practices inherent in the responsible gold supply chain standard.

What technology is your platform built on?

Our blockchain is based on Quorum, an advanced evolution of the Ethereum blockchain developed by J.P. Morgan.

How does the blockchain maintain security?

Emergent Technology is delivering an ecosystem of applications and services built on a permissioned blockchain distributed ledger. A blockchain distributed ledger makes the creation of immutable transaction records possible. Our blockchain is permissioned. All of our participants must undergo KYC/AML checks. The technology allows for comprehensive identity and authentication management, regulatory compliance, supply chain provenance tracking, and title transfer solutions. The network has a limited number of nodes to facilitate high speed. The nodes are run by independent and highly regarded market participants and industry organizations to generate the trust of the ecosystem’s users and participants.

Is G-Coin the same as Bitcoin? Is it a cryptocurrency?

No. The term ‘cryptocurrency’ is not a legal term of art. G-Coins are crypto assets but are distinct from most ‘cryptocurrencies’ because they are electronic documents of title to Responsible Gold. Refer to ‘What is a G-Coin’ for additional details.

Who runs G-Coin and Responsible Gold?

G-Coin and Responsible Gold are owned and operated by Emergent Technology Holdings LP. Emergent Technology’s leadership team is comprised of former senior executives from the payments, precious metals, and financial services industries. They collectively draw upon decades of experience at financial institutions and companies that include J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, Western Union, PayPal, and Symantec.

Where are you headquartered?

Emergent Technology is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with offices in Houston, TX, Durham, NC, Accra, Dubai, Delhi, Geneva, London, Luxembourg, Shanghai and Singapore.

Who are your investors?

Emergent Technology is a privately held company. Our investors include Yamana Gold, IAMGOLD and Sprott Inc., along with other private investors.

How will I get my gold if Emergent Technology goes out of business?

G-Coin token owners can have the highest degree of confidence in the G-Coin structure.  In the unlikely event that Emergent Technology goes out of business, you still have title to your gold. G-Coin token holdings are fully insulated from Emergent Technology’s activities. G-Mint S.à.r.l., a Swiss limited company (“G-Mint”), acts as the bailee for the gold underlying each G-Coin token.  In such capacity, G-Mint keeps the gold in safe deposit with one of the licensed vaults in the name, and for the benefit, of each G-Coin token owner.  In order to ensure G-Mint’s continued financial viability, G-Mint collects storage fees directly from each G-Coin wallet, which are used to cover the cost of storing and insuring your gold.  Please refer to the Vault Terms for more information.