4 Investment Tips to Avoid Market Volatility
Market volatility can be hard to predict. It can stem from a variety of different reasons — including geopolitical strife, earnings reports, societal trends and policy changes among others — and the effect can be discouraging for even the most seasoned investors. Worst of all, market volatility is often impossible to avoid entirely. The global...
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How Blockchain Technology is Driving Gold Innovation
  For centuries, gold has been heavily relied upon in economies around the world, prized for its cultural symbolism and financial worth. Addressing the World Gold Council in 2017, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan stated that he “viewed gold as the primary global currency.” He further explained that gold and silver are the only...
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4 Reasons why Central Banks are Rushing for Gold
The world’s central banks have been investing in physical gold bullion at a record-breaking pace, the likes of which we haven’t seen in six years. According to Macquarie, central banks purchased 264 tonnes of gold between January and September of 2018 alone. Although the US remains the world’s largest official buyer and owner of gold — with...
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August is underway and there is still no sign of a summer shakedown – even the FAANG adjustments in the past few weeks have failed to trigger more than a ripple across various markets. Interest rate hikes in the UK and India are a little reminder of what’s to come (normalization in G10, inflation-fighting from...
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Broadly, Emerging Market (EM) currencies and assets are horribly out of favor and have been trading poorly, led by the King of the devaluation and default, Argentina. The price of a dollar is currently about 40% higher in just 2 months and its ripple effects are terrifying markets. The country has had a track record...
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Gold 6
The question of how best to protect the gold industry is not one that can be answered easily. Sitting in the Western world we think of protecting the structure of the global gold market and the regulatory changes that have taken place over the last decade. We think about measures that we, as an industry,...
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If you bought bitcoin in 2016 you might be enjoying the roller coaster ride. Your gains, even with the recent epic swoop down in price, are still up 10X or more as of the time of this writing. If you bought it in December 2017, maybe not so much. G-coins are fundamentally different. G-coins are...
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TAKEAWAY: The purchasing power of gold is very stable for reasons we understand very well, and has been for a long time.  Nobody knows – and nobody can possibly even make an educated guess — what bitcoin is going to be worth ten minutes, ten days, ten months or ten years from now. There have...
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What makes Responsible Gold responsible? So glad you asked! “On average, producing enough gold to make a single wedding band generates 20 tons of waste.” How are those 20 tons of ore mined and is the waste disposed of responsibly? We care about such things. Gold is extracted from gold mines, of course. Some of...
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Gold + Blockchain? My prior blog concluded: To paraphrase an old Girl Scout campfire song: Make new friends, But keep the old. One is blockchain, And the other, gold. Intrigued? Well, since here you are, apparently again, I hope so. Most people kind of “get” gold.  As noted before, it’s “unbelievably beautiful.” It holds its...
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