Depicting the Elegance of The G-Coin™

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Owning gold is simple and intuitive.  Gold has always been held as desirable, even regal, and thus has a multi-thousand-year track record of maintaining its value. The odds are excellent that it will always relative to other things, have a superior power to maintain its buying power for other goods and services. Period.

The “blockchain,” however, is something new – only ten years old – and owning gold on the blockchain even newer.  Brand new, in fact. To make it really clear, Emergent Technology, the parent company of G-Coin, has produced a Vimeo explaining the basics.

You can watch it here.

Or read this excerpt:

“The world’s gold supply chain is a complex network of various industries involved in the production of gold.  …

“Ensuring it is responsibly sourced can be solved with blockchain.

“A blockchain is a decentralized ledger that records transactions. Its growing list of records are called blocks and the chain is secured using cryptography. By leveraging blockchain technology the entire process becomes transparent, digital and reliable.

“Emergent Technology™ developed a platform that combines this blockchain with the gold supply chain. As the gold travels through each step of the process from mining to transport to refineries and to the vaults, transactions are recorded in a distributed ledger.  …

“This helps insure both privacy and trust. Blockchain is paving the way for an automated responsible gold standard.

“It’s from this responsible gold that G-Coin was born. It’s a digital token backed by responsibly sourced physical gold and pegged to the spot price of gold.  Meaning that as a digital asset, G-coin remains more liquid and stable than other fiat currencies.”

For those who would like to dig a little deeper, Emergent Technology has this to say about itself:

Eighty-five percent of the world’s population reside in emerging markets.

To access these markets, there is a need for strong local payment solutions and efficient and reliable finance infrastructure.

At Emergent Technology, we see an opportunity to elevate global commerce in emerging markets using cutting edge technology.

Building on the success and experience of Emergent Payments in more than 50 high-growth markets, we are introducing the G-Coin and Responsible Gold supply chain in 2018.

This blockchain technology and smart contract platform traces responsibly sourced gold from mine-to-refiner-to-vault and then digitizes that gold into secure G-Coins for trade around the world.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California with offices in Shanghai, Delhi, Bangalore, Luxembourg, Sao Paolo, Dubai, Singapore, Houston, TX and Cary, NC.

Emergent has three operating divisions:

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Emergent Payments:

“Emergent Payments is the pre-eminent payments provider for digital merchants expanding into high-growth markets.

“The only company with full payments coverage in all major emerging regions - Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

We deliver total solutions for large digital merchants in over 55 high-growth countries.

“With deep local market penetration and sophisticated FX, repatriation, tax and regulatory expertise, Emergent Payments offers an unparalleled market solution and superior customer service.

“We are proud of our technology. With a single integration, we give digital merchants access to hundreds of local payment methods around the world.”

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Responsible Gold:

“The first half of Emergent Technology’s blockchain solution is the Responsible Gold supply chain platform.

“Our supply chain platform uses blockchain technology to track gold from miner, to refiner, to vault.

“It irrefutably ensures the provenance of gold.

“We have identified the core risks and key controls to ensure all gold in our ecosystem is conflict-free and responsibly-sourced - a new vehicle for ethical investment.”

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And G-Coin:

“The second half of Emergent Technology’s blockchain solution is G-Coin – a digital token backed by responsibly-sourced gold.

“Each G-Coin is one gram of gold. G-Coins are “minted” on our blockchain.

G-Coins can be bought as an investment and moved easily to others to transfer wealth or make payments.

“Buyers can redeem G-Coins for physical gold.

“A new investment class vehicle in responsibly sourced gold, G-Coin is more liquid than traditional assets and less volatile than unbacked cryptocurrencies.

“G-Coin is the future of instant, zero fee, cross border transfers.”

Your savings are hard-earned and precious. As you are deciding to allocate a portion of your wealth to gold you will wish to know that you are making that investment in a secure, inexpensive, and fully ethical manner.

For these reasons, G-Coin, Responsible Gold, and Emergent Technology are highly transparent and meticulously compliant with government regulations.  As Emergent announced in its first media release posted February 5, 2018:



The first blockchain solution to track conflict-free gold from mine, to refiner, to vault.

Emergent Technology announced today it is releasing a groundbreaking blockchain platform.

The platform has two components:
1) The Responsible Gold™ supply chain - the only permissioned blockchain that tracks responsibly sourced gold from mine, to refiner, to vault
2) G-Coin™ – a new digital token backed by responsibly sourced, physical gold

“This has never been done for the gold supply chain. It is transformational,” said Emergent Technology Chief Commercial Officer, Mitch Davis. “Using blockchain technology, we are revolutionizing the way gold is tracked along the supply chain and providing 100 percent assurance on the provenance of gold.”

The company's blockchain went live in 2017. Miners, refiners and other supply chain participants use a mobile application that scans smart chips in tamper-proof seals to record transfer of custody and other data on the Responsible Gold blockchain.

G-Coins are digital tokens of responsibly sourced gold. Each G-Coin equals one gram of gold that is secured in a vault.

"G-Coins are digital representations of physical gold," said Davis. "You can be confident in G-Coin because each token is backed, one-to-one with physical gold, and we are using the most secure technology to do it. If you want to, you can redeem G-Coins for the supporting physical gold."

The first G-Coins were created in December 2017 and will be available for purchase and zero-cost domestic and cross-border transactions in the second quarter of 2018. Consumers and investors will be able to buy, sell and remit G-Coins on various exchanges globally.

"We have developed a platform that solves real world problems using the power of blockchain technology and without exposing owners to the underlying volatility of cryptocurrencies," said Abhishek Banerjee, Chief Technology Officer.

"Our team has achieved a number of blockchain firsts, starting with tying the physical world to the digital using immutable provenance tracking. We have a wide-scale permissioned blockchain data network with near-instant transaction speeds, proper key management security and smart contract audits, as well as comprehensive KYC/AML solutions," said Banerjee.

With a presence in more than 60 high-growth markets across Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, Emergent Technology has a first-hand understanding of how its solution can be of significant benefit.

"We are redefining the future of gold by making it an accessible investment and payment vehicle," said Banerjee. "A key focus for us has always been developing solutions to enable ecommerce across key regions. This will fast-track efforts to optimize the flow of funds and remittances in many of the currency corridors we operate in today."

Welcome to G-Coin: the future of gold.