A Fairy Tale and A Golden Thread

Gold, literally, is elemental, defined as “consisting of a single chemical element.”

So, in another sense, are Fairy Tales elemental, defined as “having the primitive and inescapable character of a force of nature.”

So it does not come as much of a surprise to find gold turning up, over and over, in fairy and folk tales. Gold has been a valued asset and a symbol of supreme value for most of history.


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Gold is Stardust

Gold, in addition to being “unbelievably beautiful,” has another, almost magical, property. Scientists believe that gold is stardust.

Literally stardust.

Joni Mitchell wrote and performed a classic folk song in homage to Woodstock, entitled Woodstock. It was made more famous when covered by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on their album Déjà Vu. Its refrain:

We are stardust, we are golden

We are billion year old carbon

And we got to get ourselves back to the garden….

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Ralph J. Benko
Happy 300th Birthday Mr. Gold Standard, Thank you Sir Isaac Newton

The traditional gift for the 50th wedding anniversary is gold. And according to thespruce.com “Optimism and wealth are often associated with gold. Not only is the metal gold beautiful, it is strong, and resistant to corrosion.”

The classical gold standard was invented exactly 300 years ago, in 1717. So, a 300th anniversary would be Gold X 6.

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Have you missed the boat with gold?

The answer to that is a resounding no!

Especially if you are an individual, corporation, sovereign wealth fund or central bank looking at gold for its safe haven/wealth preservation qualities. And now it’s easier than ever to invest in gold with the introduction of the G-Coin™ — a digital token, backed by vaulted, conflict-free and responsibly sourced gold.

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Matthew Keen